Gum Therapy

Over time bacteria, tartar and plaque can build up not only on your teeth, but also in the pockets where your teeth and gums meet.  In order to remove this bacteria and return your gums to health, Dr. Parcell may recommend Gum Therapy or a deep cleaning. A “deep cleaning” is the commonly used term for a procedure that will allow Dr. Parcell or her hygienist to remove the tartar, plaque, or calculus that may have built up on your teeth and/or below the gum line.  This procedure will allow your gums to heal and begin to become healthy again. Just like the foundation of a house, your gums are the base of every healthy, beautiful smile. A deep cleaning is the first step to better overall health. After you have completed this deep cleaning, more frequent cleanings may be required. These more frequent visits are sometimes known as periodontal maintenance visits, where our team will focus on the health of your gums and soft tissue to ensure that the healing is progressing properly.

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